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Making Democracy Work

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan, multi-issue political organization, encourages informed and active participation in
government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Join us for meetings!

We meet on the second Monday evening of every month (excepting some summer months).

Our next meeting is Monday, October 14, at 6:30 at the Main Library in the Business and Technology room. 

Meetings, and memberships, are open to all men and women. 

Non-partisan voter information

The Vote411 website will have candidates' information for our local Municipal election beginning September 20.
In Fort Wayne and New haven, you will be able to enter your home address to view candidates'
responses to our questions and you can compare two candidates at the same time.

Vote 411

Voter Registration Information

If you’d like information on voter registration and voting in Allen County, please click on this link for a copy of our brochure on various aspects of the
voting process.
We encourage you to share this information with others by sharing the link or downloading and printing copies of the brochure (need legal size paper).
If you have questions that are not answered in this brochure, please call either Voter Registration for questions on that process or the Election Board
about polling locations, absentee ballots, and any other facets of voting. The information in this brochure applies only to Allen County, Indiana and
the Voter Registration and -*Election Board offices are the final authority on all facets of voting in the elections.space

Constitution 101 Class

What:  Class to learn about and discuss the US Constitution. Based on material used in schools.
Who:  Open to adults (18 and over)
When:  Tuesdays from October 1 through November 5 (six sessions)
When:  6:30
Where:  Downtown Allen County Public Library, Meeting Room C
Cost:  $50/person. Includes textbook, notebook, handouts.
Leader/Speaker:  Robert Leming, with lecture and discussion.
Presented by:  Allen County Bar Foundation
Sponsors:   Library, Mike Downs Center for Politics, League of Women Voters of Fort Wayne 
More info/register:  Click here


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League of Women Voters of Fort Wayne

Upcoming Community Events: Voting! 

Municipal Elections in Indiana are on November 5.
Visit the Allen County Election Board website for info on voting: early voting, absentee ballot, polling place, and to preview your ballot.

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