Redistricting Reform--Everything You Need to Know

This tri-fold brochure explains the basics of how districts are drawn in Indiana, what’s wrong with the process and what you can do.

Check out the front and the back.

This document explains the League's position on SB326. It is to Sen. Walker and members of the Senate Election Committee. It is from Debbie Asberry, who serves as State Advocate for the League of Women Voters of Indiana.  It is in MS Word (.docx) format.

More Resources

State League website (League of Women Voters of Indiana)

For a more detailed explanation of the process and definition of terms click here. (FWLWV4redistricting FAQs) 

For a brochure on how to host a house party click here (House_Party_Guide_2017_2)

Indiana Common Cause also has information on redistricting.    (

Click here to open/download the document (in .docx format).

Time to Take Action

In 2014, 44 out of 100 candidates for the Indiana House and 10 out of 25 candidates for the Indiana Senate had no opponents.  Why? Because the legislature draws the district maps creating an unfair advantage for the majority party.  The result is no competition and dismal voter turnout.

It’s time for voters to choose their legislators, rather than legislators choosing their voters.

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