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   From the LWV of Lafayette, IN:


Ben's Guide to the government - Ben Franklin takes you on a tour of the governement - for all ages
American Rhetoric - An online speech bank with a database and index to over 5000 speeches, lectures, debates, sermons, legal proceedings, and more!  Includes full text and audio (when available).  Here are theTop 100.
Permanent Record - What happened when a journalist stumbled upon old report cards? Paul Lukas was at a party at an old school's gymnasium. He noticed a file cabinet. Inside were report cards from the Manhattan Trade School For Girls, an institution that helped educate women in NYC until the 1940s.  Here is the fascinating story, he even contacted some of the students and their descendents!
Constitution 101 Class - We endorse this class every time it is offered, and it fills up!  Here is more info, and links to archived lessons.


Today's Front Pages - Mouseover any worldwide city and see their newspaper's headlines!  Powered by Flash.

A good story on the ramifications of Right to Work.
And another good one.

Info from the AARP website regarding energy bills.

An article from the Journal Gazette on School choice.

Relevant Documents

Here are three papers presented at the NINA (Northeast Indiana Non-profit Association) Legislative Breakfast on December 3, 2010. These are issues that the non-profit community in the Fort Wayne area will be following with our state legislators this year.

Gaming Recommendations
Gaming Positions
Public Transportation

These presentations are other issues that have been discussed during the year.

Full-Day Kindergarten - Chart
Gun Law Position Paper
Benefits of Full Day Kindergarten


Article/survey on how people learn about their community


Vote411 A one-stop resource for election info.  Run by LWV and powered by Yahoo.



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