Trust: America’s Best Chance by Pete ButtigiegIf you want a book that makes for thinking and good discussion, this one is it. While it’s obvious Buttigieg is a Democrat, by virtue of some of his remarks about Trump, for the most part this is a philosophical and historic look at where “trust” is in our country’s vision these days. Buttigieg has much more “trust” that the future will get better than many of us but he does back this up with statistics, real world examples and his life experience. Well worth your time to read. 
His Truth is Marching On—John Lewis and the Power of Hope by Jon
When you read about the challenges faced by African-Americans in the Deep South who wanted to vote, you have to wonder about a lot of the things we’ve been taught about our country’s history. In this case, especially, “All Men are Created Equal”. But, this is also a story that shows that if you have a cause that you wholeheartedly believe in…..and are willing to risk your life for…..things can and do change. Reading this book has led to wanting to explore more of Meacham’s work as he is a very good writer who doesn’t gloss over reality and tells the story straight up. It isn’t always pretty but then history seldom is.
Nancy M
The Influential Mind: What the Brain Reveals about Our Power to Change Others by Tali Sharot

The author describes why it is so difficult to influence or
persuade others.  It is based on neuroscience, but is simply
written for a lay audience, and gives many illustrative
examples which demonstrate what works/what doesn’t and why.
It is good food for thought as we try to convince
people to support redistricting reform (or any other issue).  
Peg M.
Promise Me, Dad by Joe BidenJoe Biden is a living, breathing example of how you can be
in politics and still be a class act…. something that has too
often been forgotten. (End of rant.) Good look at what Biden did as
vice-president, the illness that led to his son’s death,
and some of his memories from his years in the political
arena. Very readable and interesting. The only criticism I
have is that when you’re the past vice-president and writing about what you
did while in office, it’s hard not to seem egotistical.
Nancy M.
I Dissent by Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hi, I am Naomi, and I am 8.  David is my Daddy. He got me
this book on Judge Ginsburg. It is a short biography of her
for kids. I didn’t think I would like it, but I did! I especially
thought the parts where they talk about her being Jewish
are cool!
Naomi F.
Gloria Steinem: My Life on the
by Gloria Steinem
Looking forward to reading this one.  Ms. Steinem is a
legend in the feminist movement.
Dave F.
The State of White America: 1960-
by Charles Murray
Murray is a libertarian and has many ideas that run counter to
prevailing thoughts. But he does have excellent narratives on the
differences between lower class upper class communities in America.
His recounting of the changes wrought by the last 50 years are noteworthy.
Barb D.
Growing Up Global; Raising
Children to Be at Home in the
by Homa Sabet Tavanger

The author was the key speaker at this year’s International Women’s
Day Celebration. Her website is, where
you can find her story of searching for sources to help her raise her children
to be comfortable in, curious about, and finally competitive in a global
society.  Having worked all over the world, Homa already knew a lot but
had not thought it out.  So, she started organizing and adding to her
knowledge.  This book is really great. Also, she grew up in Fort Wayne
as first generation American. 
Bev F.