Redistricting Reform–Everything You Need to Know

This tri-fold brochure explains the basics of how districts are drawn in Indiana, what’s wrong with the process and what you can do.
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Please Join Us June 18 at 7 p.m. for the Virtual Premier of Uncivil War
Uncivil War is a documentary about voter suppression that features a segment on gerrymandering in Indiana and our coalition’s work for redistricting reform.  After the documentary, which runs 55 minutes, we’ll hold a panel discussion with redistricting coalition co-founders Debbie Asberry of the League of Women Voters of Indiana and Julia Vaughn of Common Cause Indiana. They will be joined by Indiana native Tom Glynn, who directed the documentary.  

You can register for the free screening at this link; however please consider making a donation.

YouTube is a treasure trove of information, here are videos worth watching to understand redistricting.

Gerrymandering by Green Film Company

2020 Redistricting Cycle by Ballotpedia

More Resources

View the LWVIN website on redistricting reform.

Debbie Asberry, who serves as State Advocate for the League of Women Voters of Indiana, explains the League’s position on SB326 in a letter to Sen. Walker and members of the Senate Election Committee.

Indiana’s Common Cause offers an explanation of redistricting.

Time to Take Action

In 2014, 44 out of 100 candidates for the Indiana House and 10 out of 25 candidates for the Indiana Senate had no opponents.  Why? Because the legislature draws the district maps creating an unfair advantage for the majority party.  The result is no competition and dismal voter turnout which continued in 2016 and 2018.  For example, the Indiana House district map shown below (more maps can be found here at the Allen County Election Board).

It’s time for voters to choose their legislators, rather than legislators choosing their voters.

Here are a few ways you can help with the effort to eliminate gerrymandering;

  • Join the email alert network at Common Cause.
  • Invite LWVFW representatives to speak to an organization of which you are a member.
  • Host a house party with our help.
  • Write letters and call your legislators.
  • Fill out the End Gerrymandering Pledge and ask your legislators to do the same.  Access the pledge here

For more information on how you can help contact us.