2021 Katherine Greenough Membership Award Presentation
Juneteenth 2021
Naturalization Ceremony March 2020
New Citizen with judge Naturalization Ceremony March 2020
Registering to vote Naturalization Ceremony March 2020

Fort Wayne Mayor Henry with LWVFW members for proclamation ceremony
Iron Jawed Angels event
Audience waiting for Iron Jawed Angels film to begin
LWVIN Presidents Day meeting
Members at the Embassy Theater for the showing of Selma
Members at Embassy for 1st film in series to get out the vote
LWVFW at the Embassy for the showing of Selma
Members doing voter registration
Members at a monthly meeting
Voter registration training for caregivers
Andy Downs presenting at a league meeting
Voter registration at the gun safety rally
Voter Registration Day at Citilink transit hub
Open Streets 2019
Registration during the 2019 Open Streets
Members at the state league convention
Training members on how to register voters
Voter registration at Indiana Tech