Sept. 14th The Indiana House will release the Congressional and State House of Representative redistricting maps.

Sept. 16 – House Elections Committee meets to hear public testimony in the Statehouse on the two draft maps.

Sept. 20 – House Elections Committee meets to amend and vote on the maps.

Sept. 21 – Senate Republicans unveil draft map for 50 state Senate districts.

Sept. 22 and 23 – Full House has second and third reading on the congressional and House maps.

Sept. 27 – Senate Elections Committee meets to hear public testimony on maps.

Sept. 28 – Senate Elections Committee meets to amend and vote on the maps.

Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 – Full Senate has second and third readings on the maps.

In the meantime…

The Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission map drawing contest will end on Sept. 13th at 11:59 pm, with the winning maps (congressional, state senate and state house) will be announced on Sept 17th.

Good news! There is a way you can prepare for September 16th.

The maps being submitted for the ICRC contest are available to you. Take the following steps to get to maps;

  • Go to
  • Scroll down the page to the Submission Gallery
  • Click on the map you want to analyize, the map authors will normally have added notes to explain their map
  • Click on the View by District Button to load the map into Districtr
  • Used the options on the right to explore the map’s data or change boundaries (Don’t worry, you can’t change a map). If you want to print the map, just use the 3 line menu option (top right) to take that action.

Below are the current district maps as well as a sample of the maps that have been submitted. The county boarders have been added for viewing ease. You are also encourage to add comments to the submitted maps.

Please know that the maps below are being shown as an example, we are not favoring or advocating for any of the submitted maps.

Congressional District Maps

Current Congressional Map
#38378 Competative Congressional p4562

Charlie Congress p4541

House Representative Districts

Current House Districts Map
Boise Proposed State Rep p4527
Fernadez Fixed State Rep p4538

Senate Districts

Current Senate District Map
#38651 Competative State Senate p4572
Fernadez Fixed State Senate p4539