Call the House and Senate leadership along with the Chairmen of the House and Senate Elections Committees.

The message is something like. “I’m a voter who is very interested in redistricting.  I am calling to find out when the Elections Committees will start meeting to take public testimony.  I understand that census data is not available yet but that shouldn’t stop the two pertinent committees from asking Hoosiers what they think.  I hope that the committee will begin holding listening sessions soon so that legislators can hear from voters on this important topic. We want a fair and transparent redistricting process .”

Speaker of the House Todd Huston: 317-232-9604

Senate President Pro Tem Rodric Bray: 317-232-9416

Senator Jon Ford:  317-232-9517

Rep. Tim Wesco:  317-232-9863      

Thank you in advance for taking action. 

Not sure you have an understanding of why you should take action or what is at stake, check out our redistricting page.