The Senate Elections Committee released their proposed maps on Tuesday. Go to here to view. 

Fort Wayne voters should be angry about this proposed map. The City of Fort Wayne has been divided into 4 state senate districts Previously it was divided into only 3 districts of which only one extended outside of Allen County. In the proposed maps, 3 districts extend into surrounding counties. Based on Fort Wayne’s population, there should be no more than 2 senate districts. The voices of urban voters (especially nonwhite voters) will continue to be suppressed if these maps are approved. Those voices have been dispersed among four districts that are otherwise dominated by largely white, suburban and rural voters. This will continue to give the majority party dramatically more representation in the State Senate.  Worse, these maps will be voted on by the House on September 22 before the public has an opportunity to comment on these maps. It is important you take action immediately.   

Please take action now! Call or email your legislators! 

The message is something like.

“I want maps that are fair, competitive, and representative.  Maps that give Fort Wayne voters a voice!  Indiana cannot progress until the district maps are drawn to equally represent everyone.

Vote for the maps drawn by citizens not the ones developed by the elections committee which disenfranchise the minority communities of Fort Wayne and Allen County. Vote to amend Rep. Gregory Steuerwald redistricting bill HB1581. Please advocate for fair maps.


At the end is list of all area legislators and contact information. If you don’t know who your legislator is you can find them and their contact information here.

Also please email the Chair and members of the House Senate Elections committee.

Senate Elections Committee:

Thank you in advance for taking action. 

View the proposed Congressional and state house maps.

List of area legislators for your convenience.

Name  DistrictEmail Address  Phone Number
Dave 317-232-9762
Martin 317-232-9763
Phil 317-232-9727
Dave Heine85H85@ 317-232-9743

Matt 317-232-97630
Dan 317-232-9738
Bob 317-232-9765

Name  DistrictEmail Address  Phone Number
Susan 317-232-9493
Dennis 317-233-0930
Liz 317-234-9426

Andy 317-232-9400
Travis 317-232-9400

View the winning citizen drawn maps for the Congressional districts, House districts and Senate districts.

Not sure you have an understanding of why you should take action or what is at stake, check out our redistricting page.