At this point the election board is not planning on no-excuse absentee ballots.

To request your absentee ballot from the Allen County Elections board go here . This ballot will need to be downloaded, printed, filled out and returned by mail or email. If you not have a printer most branch libraries will print it for you or you can call the Election Board at 449-7329 to have them send you a request form.  You may also request your ballot online at the state website, selecting Visit My Portal and after filling the your identification information selecting Vote by Mail under the question ‘Do you want to apply for an absentee ballot?’. You will be guided through the on-line request procedure.

The following reasons for voting by mail for the General election:

  • Are at least 65 years old.
  • Expect to be absent from the county on Election Day.
  • Are confined to your home or a hospital on Election Day by illness or injury.
  • Are caring for someone confined to their home.
  • Are scheduled to work the entire 12 hours the polls are open.
  • Do not have transportation to the polls.
  • Are a voter with disabilities.
  • Will have official election duties.
  • Are a member of the military or a public safety officer.

For all the reasons you may vote by mail and to request your Absentee ballot click here

Do not wait until the deadline, request your absentee ballot now!

Your request for an absentee ballot must be received by the Election board by 11:59 pm on October 22, 2020 for the November 3, 2020 General election. The application period is now open.