Our Photo Gallery

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Constitution 101 Event, 2017 Constitution 101, 2018
Bob Leming speaking to attendees LWV members Peg Maginn and Kathy Zoucha volunteered to assist with the presentations The "class" after graduating
with their certificates

Photos from Meetings

LWV FW Feb 2010 LWV 5-18-11 Flapan!

Meeting of the FW LWV
in Feb, 2010, at the ACPL

City Council Candidate Forum
October, 2015
Meeting of the FW LWV
in May, 2011, at the ACPL
Dave Flapan presenting our website, Facebook page,
stats, and behind the scenes!

Women's Equality Day 2016

Working the registration table Timeline of Women's Equality

Equal Pay Day, 2015

Rallying! Picketing! Mayor Henry is with us!

Equal Pay Day, 2013

Our group More of our group List of pay gap statistics

State of Indiana LWV
Convention, 2015

Amy Miller Cynthia Carasco Cathy Fuentes Rohwer Lee Hamilton Lisa Plencer

State of Indiana LWV
Convention, 2013

The Convention Hall Our Table

"Don't Let Granny Down!"-
Our  Voting History poster

"Women's Suffrage Movement"

Indiana Democrat African American
Caucus Candidate Forum at IPFW

Nancy working the table Panelist Geoff Paddock The panel

Pride Fest 2015

Mindy and Betsy working our table Judy and Dave Flapan working the table

Miscellaneous Photos

Members registering voters at the
Taste of the Arts Fest, 2016
Students at the We The People event

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