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Legislative Action Network
Introduction to the 2012 General Assembly
Paulette Vandegriff, LAN Coordinator

January 29
January 20
January 4

January 29, 2012

The State House was loud and noisy again this week as the House Passed RTW
on 3rd Reading Wednesday. I captured the action on my IPhone. Be happy to
share at President’s Day.

Condolences to Marion and Hamilton Counties as the Mass Transit Bill that
would have allowed a public referendum on a tax increase to fund a system was
defeated in committee due to RTW provisions. I suspect it has as much to do
with tax increases as anything. Supporters are working to see if the language
might me amended into another bill, but the possibilities are slim.

Paul Chase, AARP, Julia Vaughn, Common Cause and I met with Senator Mike
Delph on Wednesday to discuss options for SB99, Redistricting. The bill did not
receive a committee hearing. We asked Senator Delph to sponsor a resolution
asking the Redistricting Summer Study Committee to hold hearings outside of
Indianapolis to receive additional testimony. Senator Delph asked us to draft
the language. It is in process.

Committee hearings are over for the first half of the session and bills that
passed out of committee are headed to 2nd and 3rd readings with the exception
of HB1001, RTW, which was assigned early and will be heard in the Senate
Chambers before the Senate Pensions & Labor Committee tomorrow at 9 A.M.
It will move quickly to the Senate floor and on to the governor for signature,
probably before the end of the short week.

The floor calendars of both the House and Senate are packed. The House
convenes at 10A.M. and the Senate at 2P.M. tomorrow. Bills that make it
through, will be assigned to committee in the opposite body and the process will
begin again.

Many local leagues will begin to plan debates for primary elections in May. The
Indiana Coalition for Human Services, LWVIN is a member, would like to
participate in those debates. I hope to discuss a President’s Day on Feb 18th.

It is a short week for the legislature due to the Super Bowl.

January 20, 2012:
Work stoppages continue in the House. I have not had difficulty
entering the State House, but once inside, the number of individuals
is unsettling. The noise is deafening and the ability to move freely
is impeded by State Troopers who guard the House and Senate
Chambers and the respective galleries, as well as, the offices of
Indiana’s elected officials.

A meeting to discuss SB 99, Redistricting, with Senator Mike
Delph was cancelled on Thursday, Jan 19, due to a caucus. We will

Testimony has been offered for the following bills:

Click on the links for complete information.

If you should visit the State House, a few streets have closed in
preparation for the Super Bowl. It’s best to park to the east and walk
to the State House. Also, RTW draws large crowds on certain days,
allow additional time to go through security.

January 4, 2012. This is a short session and will end on March 14th.
The General Assembly will have a short week prior to the Super Bowl, and will
not be in session on Monday, Feb 6th. This is about the time bills that have
passed out of their house of origin will be switching over to the other house.

The LWVIN Board of Directors has selected as the legislative priorities for this
short session:
Education Reform
Local Government Reform
Reproductive Rights
Election Law

As always, should an issue come forward during the session that is important
to the LWVIN, it will be added to the list of priorities.

Right to Work legislation will take center stage during the session. As you may
recall, this legislation sparked a 5 week walk out during the last legislative
session. Put on the fast track in time for the Super Bowl will be bills related to
human trafficking and a smoking ban.

Local government reform will be up for it’s third test. Election Law, correction
to the bill that passed last year. Reproductive Rights always a fight. Education,
look for additional reform measures to be introduced, more charters? tweaks to
vouchers and tax credits?

As your local leagues meet with your legislators during the session (Third
House, Cracker Barrel, or whatever you call them), please e-mail notes from
your conversations as it relates to the LWVIN priorities. It is especially important
if your state representative or senator is a committee chair or a member of a
committee that will be hearing a bill the LWVIN is considering for
testimony. Local league members are most important during this time. I depend
on you for support with your legislators.

It has been announced that a maximum or 3,000 individuals, including
employees will be allowed daily in the State House during the session. I’m not
sure how this will work or if it is workable. This is sure to impact the everyday
citizen who wants to come to the legislature to meet with his/her representatives,
individuals attending lobby day events, and me as I try to make my way to
committee hearings, etc. Stay tuned.

Senate and one bill introduced in the House.

House Deadlines


Senate Deadlines


Whenever a deadline date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, that deadline date
is extended to the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday.

Bill introduction (Rule 108.1)
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3rd Reading - Senate Bills (Rule 148.1)
Conference Committee Reports (Rule 160.1)
House Adjourned for Session
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Filing for introduction (Rule 45a)
3rd Reading - Senate Bills (Rule 76a)
3rd Reading - House Bills (Rule 76b)
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